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We bring experience, knowledge, and wisdom that we've learned through decades of experience. Most often, business and project owners come to us when they're frustrated that they're not getting the kinds of results they want from their business - whether those results are capital, revenue, operations, or execution. 

We provide a fresh perspective and help business owners and CEOs identify blind spots that they didn't know existed. We go deep and drive growth, working alongside your team to make things happen. 

Growth and Development

Business Consulting

Professional Engineering

Services related to growing and scaling your business

Services related to new projects and project management

Services related to business growth. It's all about winning. For select relationships, we partner to share in the risk-return profile of the deal.

Services related to new projects that require permits and drawings - including Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, and Structural engineering. 

Services for running the trains on time. We ensure the daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly milestones are met. Balancing scope, schedule, & budget.

For select relationships, we partner further to share in the risk-return profile of the deal.

Comprehensive consulting services engineered for your business

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What They’re Saying?

James Whitehead

I have never met a design consultant with more energy, motivation, and follow through than Gore Bolton; he applies himself fully to everything he does. 

James Whitehead


Timothy Hogan

Gore and his team have always been incredibly responsive and always attentive to detail... a pleasure to work with. 

Timothy Hogan


Rob Kaufman

We first met when Gore had an idea, which was a good idea but would require an intense amount of work and coordination. Gore has shown himself as a person who gets a sight on the goal and works endlessly to achieve that goal. It is a privilege working with him on projects.

Rob Kaufman


Bolton & Associates is a proud member of the Building Industry Association of Central South Carolina