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Your Trusted Business Advocate

We advocate for the future. We work with you to strategize and prioritize the critical efforts required to achieve business and project goals. By providing critical consulting and fractional leadership, we help you to embark on new adventures in business, creating the goals, schedules, and systems to get things done. 

Business Consulting & Advisory

Business Consulting & Advisory

We provide a range of business growth consulting and advisory solutions.

Engineering Growth & Development

Engineering Growth & Development

We are a full-service consulting engineering provider of Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Structural, Project Management, and Finance solutions.


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Providing both business consulting and engineering services provides a strategic advantage to your team. From the very first business plan or project sketch, all the way through the exit and handing over the key. We are business engineers who specialize in all aspects of business strategy, finance, operations, risk management, and running projects. 

We provide services to business owners, CEOs, and project owners/developers. As a result of our decades of experience in general business and real estate development, we partner with our clients to ensure the businesses and projects they are working on have all aspects considered and managed. 

We deliver value in three ways. We normally follow the method of discovery, plan, and execute. We charge a fee for our onboarding and discovery, then we develop a plan, and we help execute. Our best clients have annual contracts with monthly budgets. You can pay us in cash and equity depending on the deal. 

The only guarantee in life is that there are no guarantees. Because we do not have a controlling interest in your business or deal, we do not offer guarantees. 

We start with a discovery engagement that allows us to put to work our proven system for collaboration and shared success development. We have a fixed fee initial engagement that allows us to get up to speed together quickly and ensure that we have alignment. 

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Providing expert business & engineering services to ensure you can grow as you plan and that you have the necessary expertise and resources aligned is what we do. 

You will find it refreshing to work with people who do what most others ignore

You will feel relieved with a trusted partner that is looking around corners and at the horizon

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Discovery & Audit Workshop

We run through a full discovery and audit of your current state, from top to bottom and soup to nuts.

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Planning & Priority Workshop

We take what we learned and apply it to a written plan that has measurable goals and a budget. And most importantly, a schedule with who needs to do what by when.

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We manage and execute. We complement your team as needed and manage resources as necessary. We pivot and adjust to navigate change. It's all about achieving the shared results.