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Consulting Services Overview

We are entrepreneurs first. We don’t just come in and do a bunch of exercises and hand you an expensive report with some glorified plans of grandeur. We work as a partner, helping you work on your business while working in your business.

We have worn every hat in a business ourselves, and we have even made new ones. We know how to start with a blank page and turn it into something good and eventually something great. We know what success looks like. We have also experienced failure and all of its lessons.

We work in a variety of roles, from strategy and finance to operations and technology. We work on best practices and agile and lean methodology to accelerate towards results.

More is learned by doing that reading. We are doers and we communicate and check in often. We have made payroll for a quarter century, and have an energetic and innovative spirit to conquer new opportunities. We work to win together.

“Thus, the Entrepreneurial Model does not start with a picture of the business to be created but of the customer for whom the business is to be created.” 

~ Michael E. Gerber, The E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What to Do About It

Our value to you

We focus on delivering value to you. By being able. To assist. From the 30,000-foot view to the very specific granular level of details that are necessary in order to drive your business forward. In essence, it’s like having another CEO in your company that has the time to spend with everyone on the details at the very organic root level and front lines of conducting operations. 

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frequently asked questions

Questions & Answers

We provide services to business owners, CEOs and project owner/developers. As a result of our decades of experience in general business and real estate development, we partner with our clients to ensure the businesses and projects they are working on have all aspects considered and managed. 

We deliver value in three ways. We normally follow the method of discovery, plan and execute. We charge a fee for our onboarding and discovery, then we develop a plan and then we help execute. Our best clients have annual contracts with monthly budgets. You can pay us in cash and equity depending on the deal. 

The only guarantee in life is that there are no guarantees. Because we do not have controlling interest in your business or your deal, we do not offer guarantees. 

We start with a discovery engagement that allows us to put to work our proven system for collaboration and shared success development. We have a fixed fee initial engagement that allows us to get up to speed together quicky and ensure we have alignment.